Installation & Warranty

Pau Lope® Brand Decking
Installation Guidelines

Storage and Handling

For best results, Pau Lope® Decking products should be kept out of direct sunlight and not exposed to weather prior to installation. Wood is known to expand or contract widthwise as it adjusts to its installation environment. Pau Lope® Decking products may require time to equalize to the ambient moisture content of the environment. Check with your supplier regarding the particular Pau Lope® hardwood you’re installing. It’s always smart to … make the call !

Once Pau Lope® Decking has been delivered to the job site, some but not all, of the equalization could have already occurred. Stack the material off the ground and cover to protect from direct exposure to weather.

Decking Installation

Gapping & Spacing: Many install with a 1/8” spacing on 1×4 and 5/4×4 decking and 3/16” spacing on 1×6 and 5/4×6 decking to allow for air circulation, movement, and proper spacing as boards become fully acclimated. The use of a hidden fastening system may help to create uniform spacing throughout your deck. Specific deck board gapping and spacing may vary subject to geography, seasonality, and wood & environment equilibrium moisture contents. Pau Lope® Decking is Kiln Dried, which helps constrain, but not eliminate, shrinking and/or swelling across the width after installation.

Span: Consult local building codes to meet compliance with regulations. Usually, 1×4 and 1×6 decking can be installed with joists on 16” centers and 5/4 decking can be installed with joists on 24” centers. Angular installation could require joist at 12” on center. The strength and density of Pau Lope® Decking ‘may’ allow for larger spans.

Ventilation: Allow for a minimum 16” clearance between underside of decking and ground. Adequate air circulation beneath the deck will help prevent cupping and warping of deck boards. Additional clearance is recommended in wet areas or over water. Applications close to the ground may require a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from absorbing into the underside of the deck boards, again with appropriate ventilation still recommended.

Fasteners: To prevent discoloration near the fasteners, stainless steel screws are recommended, applied at a rate of 2 screws per joist. Pre-drilling may be required when screwing through the face of the board, and always pre-drill screws near the end of the boards. There are also several different hidden fastening systems available. Consult your supplier for more information on hidden fastening systems and their requirements.

End Sealer: Pau Lope® Decking is normally end sealed during manufacturing to help prevent end splits and checking. We highly recommend that all boards are end-sealed as soon as is reasonably possible after cutting during installation. A clear, water resistant wax should be used. Ask your supplier for more information on end sealers.

Finishing: Most installed Pau Lope® Decking materials are left natural and unfinished, to oxidize over-time, to acclimate to an appealing grey patina. Any requirement for coating, staining or sealing should be per the Coating Product Supplier’s recommendations.


• Material stored in clean, dry environment out of direct sunlight and weather.
• Material allowed to equalize at job site.
• Make the proper decision for deck board gapping and spacing.
• Adequate ventilation under deck.
• Proper On Center Spans adhered to.
• Stainless Steel fasteners.
• Pre-drilling required on ends of boards.
• End cuts are sealed with wax.


Pau Lope® Decking products are manufactured and inspected to ensure quality. However,
they are natural wood products and are subject to variations in weight, density, color, grain, and performance. All wood decking, including Pau Lope®, is subject to dimensional changes as the moisture content in the wood changes with ambient humidity and exposure to direct sunlight. Oxidizing, swelling, shrinking, checking, and other movement of individual pieces are normal occurrences in all wood decking products.

Due to natural characteristics of wood decking, many oil and water based coatings and finishes may have a reaction with the wood, including, but not limited to, drying, adhesion and color change. We recommend following the Coating Product Supplier’s recommendations, and testing any finishing product over several samples to determine compatibility. It’s always smart to … make the call !


Pau Lope® 30-Year Limited Warranty

“ Nothing Measures Up To Pau Lope® ”

The Pau Lope Company LLC (hereafter as ‘PLC’) warrants that Qualified Pau Lope® Brand Products shall not suffer structural damage from rot or decay in properly installed applications from the original verified purchase date from the supplier of these Pau Lope® Products for a period of 30 Years, in accordance with the following.

‘Qualified Pau Lope® Brand Products’ shall be defined as Pau Lope® Ipe’, Pau Lope® Massaranduba, Pau Lope® Cumaru, and Pau Lope® Jatoba.

Notice of any claim under this warranty must be given to PLC in writing including the original purchase invoice with date and purchase price, photos of the claimed product, and a detailed description of the structural damage from rot or decay. PLC retains the right to investigate, inspect or evaluate for any claim. For any PLC approved claim of structural damage from rot or decay, the claimant shall receive monetary reimbursement for the verified full purchase price of the quantity of product so awarded. Any such approved award shall not exceed this purchase price for the claimed quantity of Qualified Pau Lope® Products in question.

Excluded from this Limited Warranty are normal wood characteristics ( including checking and weathering and acclimation and movement ), normal wear and tear, damage, labor, installation, removal, re-installation, shipping, fabrication, hardware, service time for on-site assessment of alleged defects, and consulting or legal fees. These costs as so mentioned are the responsibility of the Purchaser. The Purchaser is responsible for determining the suitability of use, application, adherence to proper installation guidelines, and compliance with all Building and Safety Codes and the like. Should the Purchaser have any such questions at time of purchase, the Purchaser should contact PLC for such discussion, with documentation for file.

PLC warrants that Qualified Pau Lope® Brand Products shall not suffer structural damage from rot or decay in properly installed applications from the original verified purchase date from the supplier of these Pau Lope® products for a period of 30 Years, in accordance with the above.