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Pau Lope® Brand Decking is considered the World’s Finest Hardwood Decking, bar none, for as high-graded, defect-restricted, low-moisture-content, and well-packaged of a Hardwood Decking that is available. Nothing measures up to Pau Lope®.

Wood is a naturally grown resource with many inherent characteristics that enhance its appearance and appeal. Pau Lope® grading and allowances limit -or- reject -or- permit various of these inherent characteristics. Such allowable inherent characteristics permitted may include color variation, acclimation movement, seasoning checks, and sound defects not as otherwise restricted from the Pau Lope® grade, with all of these permitted able to be removed during normal industry-standard application procedures.

Tropical Hardwoods from the Rain Forest are very seasonal for supply availability and very legislated for environmental friendliness. Therefore supply is not necessarily year-round, and could be spotty. Please inquire for your particular Pau Lope® availability.

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